Announcing Just1Key, the World's First Secure Password Management Software with Multi-platform Web-based Access

Santa Fe, NM (PRWEB) February 5th, 2004: Crimsonata Corporation has officially released Just1Key version 1.02, a new secure web-based password management application. At release time, it is the first and only commercial software application for Windows, Linux, and Macintosh that offers two unique features: Access from anywhere via modern web browsers, and users never need worry about backing up their account data. Any user of Just1Key will only need remember one password, for any and all of their online usernames, passwords, and websites. It can be accessed at work, at home, and on vacation.

"Our Partnership with Hush Communications is what has really enabled us to produce such a truly unique product", said Cliff Crimson, CEO of Crimsonata Corporation. "With their patented and industry award-winning Hush Encryption Engine(TM), combined with our user friendly design, Internet users can access all their online account data from most anywhere, and yet still have the security of that data never leaving a client computer unencrypted -- no one but the user can view it, not even us."

Keeping with the "Internet Spirit" of totally free software, Just1Key can be used by anyone for no charge whatsoever, or for just $2.49 a month as a Premium account with its special enhanced features. The free software download can be obtained from .

"There are dozens of other password management programs out there, since most Windows programs like Internet Explorer have never really stored this data securely," says Mark Andrews, VP of Development for Crimsonata Corporation. "What is so unique about Just1Key is not only the web-based access, but the total elimination of the need for users to constantly back up this extremely important data ; anyone who has ever had their operating system or hard drive crash will realize this feature is basically invaluable."

Responding to the security experience behind Just1Key development, the CEO of Hush Communications, Ben Cutler, had this to say: "Hush Communications has been a pioneer of conveniently secure key-management and online communication since 1998 with We're very proud to help produce another 'first-to-market' security product based on our software libraries, which have been industry certified, well recognized, and tested with over a million individual accounts."

Just1Key will additionally store website URL's and any extra account information such as contact email addresses, phone numbers, PIN's, and other important access data. There exists both a personal Referral Program giving users additional benefits, and a Reseller Network for affiliates who wish to partner and generate revenue by recommending the software. Crimsonata is actively pursuing partnerships and distribution arrangements, if interested please see for details.

In summary, Just1Key will help Internet users manage their growing list of usernames, passwords, website URL's, and other sensitive account information, in a secure and convenient fashion. It is also the only solution available today that can be accessed from most anywhere on the Internet, via all three of the most popular Operating system brands; Windows, Linux, and the latest Mac OS X.

Cliff Crimson, CEO
Crimsonata Corporation
(505)-466-9198 or (504)-258-9300

Crimsonata Corporation is a relatively new and small company dedicated to providing truly unique and powerful Internet tools for everyday users and corporations alike. Their two current software products are Just1Key, and No Damn Spam!, an effective anti-spam solution for end users.

Hush Communications is a leading global provider of managed security solutions and encryption key-serving technology, and runs, the world's first and most advanced secure web-based email system, which was awarded the maximum five stars by Secure Computing Magazine.

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